The event is held at Signature Flight Support’s Hangar 51 at Opa-locka Airport.
(15199 NW 42nd Ave., Opa-locka, FL)

This page will provide you important directions on where to park for the event, as there is lot appropriate parking in front of the hangar. ATTENTION: Parking is not allowed directly in front of the event hangar since these spaces are reserved for Signature Flight Support customers only. You may only park where indicated in this description.

Parking Directions and photographs are below:

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1) As you enter the Opa-locka Airport, follow the signs for Signature Flight Support. You’ll note of the many signs in this image.

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2) You will be turning left into a parking lot at the corner of NW 42nd Ave and NW 147th Terrace. The building has a large sign that says “EAS” at the top. If you’d like to use GPS to the parking lot, the easiest address is 14800 NW 42nd Ave., Opa-locka, FL.

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3) As you make that turn, you can park on either side of the divider, as depicted in this photograph. Nearly the entire parking lot should be available.

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4) This image show the parking lot authorized for Special Day for Special Kids parking. You may park anywhere in this lot.

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5) After you have parked, walk the same direction that you were driving when you entered. When you reach the end of the parking lot, you will see this. The hangar is ahead and to your right, as marked in this photograph.

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6) Enter the hangar complex through the area shown in this photograph. Please be sure to use caution and hold onto kids as you cross the street. This is an entrance to Signature and there will be crossing vehicle traffic.

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7) The entrance to the hangar complex is shown in this image. Our volunteers and pilots eagerly await your arrival on the other side of this door.

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8) DO NOT enter through Signature’s main entrance as show in this image. There is no access the the event from this entrance.

An interactive Google Map to the hangar is below:

Event Location